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All the time trading done for you, 

in the privacy of your own account. 

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diversified growth

The stock market does not always go up. It is funny how most fund managers will tell you how good they are when they make money, but still under-perform a bull market, yet excuse themselves fully that it was the markets fault when stocks decline. They, of course, still take their fees regardless. We don't do that. 

We search for and trade macro trends both up and down in global equity, currency, bond and commodity markets. We rarely stand still. Absolute performance is at the core of everything we do.

Minimum $500,000.

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where every account is unique

Markets are fast evolving in their individual nature, as well as price. 

This is why experience will always go a long way, today, and into the future.

Your funds remain in your own account with always at hand access.

Free of management fees, we only invoice you for your review and choice of payment when we deliver you new profits

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credible world leading economics

prodigious market forecasting

Frequently identifying the biggest and most important economic developments ahead of the world's leading investment banks and largest funds, affords RealRock a position of strength that is both rare and original.

Respecting the mass psychology and distinctions of both economic trends and financial market real world behaviour, leads to an active price driven approach to investment unrivalled in the traditional macro fund space.

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target performance

Involvement in financial markets by definition means losses. Not just risk, but actual losses. It takes a special kind of individual or institution to continue to move forward on this basis. From Warren Buffett to BlackRock periods of loss are a constant. True professionals in the industry have the ability to remain steadfast in the pursuit of a rewarding performance curve.

Over time, good methodology, flexibility, and artful selective insights can deliver significant returns.

Our target performance: The very best we can deliver in all market environments. No excuses. We would like that to be in the order of 35%, but nothing is certain in financial markets.

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Disclaimer and warning.

Losses are a certain part of any involvement in any financial market endeavour. Profits are possible. Involvement in financial markets involves considerable risk. This service in particular. Seek independent financial advice before entering into any financial market, product or service. Trading and investing in global financial markets is the hardest way to make an easy living. It may never happen. Not for the feint hearted.

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