Clifford Bennett


Fund Disruption

Active global diversification. Access your funds at any time in your own account. Review performance before any fees.


in both
bull and bear

Everything and anything in major global markets.

Room to think. Room to grow.


global perspective

Based in credible world leading economic analysis and price action trend respect, we are about maximisation of opportunity founded in a deep understanding of markets and human behaviour. 

Foreign Exchange, Commodity and Stock Index trading are our forte. As well as occasional global brand only specific stocks.


time horizons vary

From tight risk control short term forays to longer view major price shift holdings. Our target performance range of 15% to 35% involves correspondingly higher risk. This is a true Alpha fund industry disruption and is not for the feint hearted.


looking to do something special, serious

and out-perform?

then we are here.

Your account. Your control. Pure performance based.

Account Minimum: $2,000,000.


your funds

Remain in your own account. You retain access to your funds at all times.


our fee

Zero management fees. Full control of your funds at all times.

No contract obligation. You review performance before agreeing to any fee. 

Our only fee is performance based. We receive zero income until we deliver.

That's what we are about.




Global in nature. Based in Sydney. Seeing the sun early in the global day.

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Disclaimer and warning.

Losses are a certain part of any involvement in any financial market endeavour. Profits are possible. Involvement in financial markets involves considerable risk. This service in particular. Seek independent financial advice before entering into any financial market, product or service. Trading and investing in global financial markets is the hardest way to make an easy living. It may never happen. Not for the feint hearted.